Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Some Hot Free Clips

There is a pretty sweet collection of videos over at Free Lesbian Porn Clips that might be worth a visit.They have a bunch of picture galleries too, and a few nice all girl threesomes. The galleries are mostly from Sapphic Erotica and We Live Together, but they are some of the choicest selections from both sites, so although the clips are short, there is some fun stuff to look at. I myself am not into the threesome thing, as I think two girls one on one is much more erotic and passionate, but I'm sure lots of people love to see groups of women together. One thing I can say about the recent scenes on We Live Together, is that they recently changed the two girls who are the main stars, and one of them is an absolute sex fiend. I joined All Sites Access this summer, which give you free access to We Live Together, as well as about a dozen other sites. And one of those sites was In the VIP, which was basically about chicks going wild at night clubs. But one of the women they featured was a wild lesbian, and every scene with her in it was one of my favorites, She just goes wild on other women, and now she is one of the main girls at We Live Together, which has definitely made the site way hotter, so it is worth checking out if you haven't joined since the spring. I was pretty bored by the site a year ago, but she has added some spice that I think the site needed.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Lesbian Kissing Everywhere

Obviously, I am a total fan of lesbian erotica. Love to see two beatiful women kissing, etc. But even I am getting tired of it being just everywhere - TV, Movies, even frigging youtube. Maybe it was just sexier when it was so rare because you almost never saw it. But frankly, I don't know if I like the idea of women everywhere making out. It's kinda wierd. And I don't want young, impressionable women in high school or college thinking they need to make out with each other to impress their boyfriends, or be cool, or whatever. I know it sounds prudish, especially considering the nature of this blog. But certain things belong in certain places. And I consider girls kissing girls to pretty much be porn, and that does not belong on TV or yourtube, or anywhere else mainstream where everyone can see it and not filtering software can block it. Maybe I am just getting too old, but having girls kissing videos at your fingertips used to seem cool, now it just seems like overkill.and frankly an little disconcerting. You shouldn't be able to rub one out to Youtube.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Free Lesbian Clips

Finally, I have a great site with some free lesbian videos for you. A pretty sweet collection, no doubt. Some pretty sweet pics, too. Most of it is from Sapphic Erotica, but there are a few video clips from other scenes, and I think there is a Jenna Haze scene on there. She has gone all girl now that she has married some guy. A big loss to her legions of porn fans, but a big gain for her hubby. Well, enjoy the movies and I'll get some more links up for you later.

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Way Off Topic

Ok, I am going way off topic because I just have to talk about the new Borat movie. Though it is at time painful to watch him put other people in very uncomfortable situations (the masseuse), and equally painful to see him reveal the ignorance, hatred, and racism in his many interviewees, it is absolutely riotous the vast majority of the time, and simultaneously brilliant. He warns a cop who may search him that "Last night I at 15 Cinnabon, and my anus is open like mouth of tired dog and if you attack it may release". In his hilarious accent, it is outrageously funny. Sacha Cohen is one talented and smart comedian, who manages to combine the slapstick of a Jackass type movie with the insightful humor of Stephen Colbert. It is sad that he gets picked on by organizations like the Anti Defamtion Leaque who fear that many people will not understand the humor in his character's outrageous anti-semetism. Ironically the ignorant fools whose misunderstandings the Anti Defamation League fears that Sacha depends on for his comedy. That aside, I just have to praise him for allowing many of us to laugh harder than we have lauged in a long time. If you need more of him, check out season 2 of the Ali G. show on DVD. There are some amazing scenes from that season.

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We Are Ready to Rock

Here we go. Gonna get some clips up for ya. There is a lot of stuff floating out there on the web and I'm gonna try to pick out some of the sexier lesbian clips I come across. I am not really into sex toys or women with big fake boobs, so it is going to gravitate more towards clips that have some type of sensuality to them, or that at least have some nice looking actresses. Everyone has different tastes, that is for sure, so I can't possibly please everyone with the videos I decide to link to, but hey, it should make a few people happy to find a few good free clips now and then.

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